Turnkey PV Systems

Thanks to years of experience in civil and industrial plants engineering and a network of partners on the national market, Luxferov is able to offer thermal photovoltaic systems (using Dual Energy technology) and photovoltaic turnkey PV systems throughout Italy.

These systems are made with the aim of maximizing the coordination between various energy supply systems (both electrical and thermal), storage and their use in order to make the building more efficient energetically as opposed to other systems that work independently. And as a result, a more profitable investment.

Luxferov’s latest creation is a passive home in Zimella, in the province of Verona, with a 20 kWp photo-thermal system. The logic behind the energy production systems and their usage in this home was integration. This allowed for the optimization of the energy produced and the exploitation of exclusively renewable energy produced through the interaction between the photometric plant, a water storage tank and the heat pump.

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