Traditional photovoltaic system

LUX Series P – Polycrystalline

The Luxferov LUX P series photovoltaic modules are made with 60 (156 x 156 mm) polycrystalline silicon cells, protected externally by high transparency tempered glass and a back sheet layer, all of which is vacuum encapsulated at a high temperature between two sheets of EVA (Ethylene/Vinyl Acetate) and a sturdy anodized aluminum frame. The Luxferov production process ensures maximum protection for the cells even under the harshest working conditions and the most difficult environmental conditions. Thanks to their reliability and excellent performance, the Luxferov modules are suitable for both systems that are connected to the network and for stand-alone systems with accumulators. The modules come with quick plug MC type cabling, length 100 cm.

The BIPV frameless, glass-glass or glass-back sheet transparent version, for use in greenhouses or canopies, is also available.

LUX M Series – Monocrystalline

The LUX M photovoltaic modules are produced in Italy with the highest quality standards to ensure that those who invest in renewable photovoltaic energy, have a module that is reliable, durable and has high yields in terms of energy produced.

The Luxferov modules are made with mono-crystalline photovoltaic cells, protected externally by tempered glass and a back-sheet layer which, thanks to a high temperature lamination process, are vacuum encapsulated by two sheets of EVA (Ethylene/Vinyl Acetate) and a resistant anodized aluminum frame.

Their classic design and the high resistance of the materials used allow for the installation of any type of coverage. Since they are more powerful than the average traditional panels you can have a system with the same power yet with fewer modules installed. This enables those with limited available roof or covering surface, to install a system that is sufficient for their energy needs in just few square feet of space, with a substantial savings in both time and installation costs.

These modules, which produce an output of 270 watts in a​​1.6 m² area, are ideal for both small or large ground systems, since they require less overhead, wiring and installation costs.

Thanks to their reliability and high performance, the Luxferov modules are not only suitable for systems connected to the network but also for stand-alone systems with accumulators.