The Complete Photovoltaic Panel

Thanks to its innovative Dual Energy panel, Luxferov can provide, by installing a single system, all the renewable energy needed for complete comfort in a modern building. In effect Dual Energy is simultaneously an architectural waterproofing and supporting element, a photovoltaic module for producing electrical energy and a thermal module for the producing domestic hot water.

Electric energy

Dual Energy, with its photovoltaic cells in the frontal part, is able to produce more energy than a conventional photovoltaic module thanks to the cooling liquid that flows in the rear, which works at lower medium temperatures.

Thermal Energy

A Luxferov Dual Energy system is able to produce on average 75% of the domestic hot water required for an average family with a considerable cost reduction in the gas bill.


When combined with a heat pump, the advantages of this solution are amplified because the hot water improves the heat pump’s performance and if well-planned it also increases the self-consumption of the photovoltaic electricity production.


Not only does Dual Energy improve the thermal insulation it can also be used with a chiller for cooling purposes. Here too it improves its performance and increases self-consumption.

Covering System

The Dual Energy panel has a capacity of 500 kg/m2 so it can be used as a ventilated roof on its own. Thus providing a roof that is efficiently thermally insulated, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing.

A single panel

A single solution, a single source and a single system to meet all the energy needs of buildings in an optimal manner, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment with an economic return that is appealing to say the least. Thanks to Dual Energy’s unique, patented technology.

Luxferov technology, protecting the environment and your savings.

A house with a Luxferov system need not worry about the fluctuating energy prices and it allows you to save on the annual supply of electricity and gas, even up to 100% if the system is equipped with storage batteries for energy produced in excess. Furthermore, your home will gain additional value through improving energy efficiency.



annual cost



annual savings

Quick amortization time.

Tax rebate | 50%


Quick amortization | - 5 years


Long Warranty | 25 Years





The Benefits.

Complete home comfort produced by renewable energy in a unique solution, the same size as a conventional photovoltaic system.
A home with a Luxferov system is an organism that is capable of being self-sustainable in terms of energy. A self-sufficient home that transforms the sun’s heat into usable energy for electricity, the production of domestic hot water, heating and cooling.

  • lowers the cost of energy supply;
  • amortizable investment in roughly 5 years;
  • increases the property’s commercial value;
  • a home with incredible energy independence;
  • uses renewable energy sources;
  • contributes to the preservation of the environment;

Areas of Application.



For homes, Luxferov modules can be installed on all types of roofing, whether they be pitched or flat or for substituting or reinforcing an existing roof. This will ensure energy efficiency and an important environmental contribution. Furthermore the system helps to increase the value of the property.



Luxferov systems can also be installed in areas with high urbanization, commercial building and offices. They constitute a solution particularly suitable for structures that use hot water intensively such as hotels, wellness and sports centers. And your customers will appreciate your environmental sensitivity.



Luxferov modules can also be implemented in contexts that require large amount of energy for activities such as industrial plants or large public services. They are particularly suitable for industries that use large volumes of hot water such as dairy factories, tanneries and food industries.